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Also known as Texas Ribs, Beef Ribs, Large Ribs, the Prime Ribs Bones are a large bone cut with the meat between the bones. They are cut from the side of the Prime Rib when we order Ribeye Steaks. Super tender when slow cooked or roasted. To some people, the best part of the beef.


100% our own farm raised beef. Processed and packed by Zehr’s Country Meats in Dashwood. Immediately frozen and sold only by our family business.

Prime Rib Bones - Frozen

  • $5.49/lb, $12.33/KG, average size is 0.62 KG. Price will vary with package size.

  •  Pick Up Available at Williamson Farms Country Store (14 King St. W., Forest ON). Please call to confirm hours. Delivery available to Lambton Shores.

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