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Selection of Williamson Beef and Lambton Shores Pork.

3 lb Bacon (will be subbed with Back or Peameal if out of stock)

2lb of Pork Chops - Bone In

7lb Mix of Beef Roast oices are Cross Cut Rib Roast, Cross Cut Rib Roast, Blade Roast or Steak(Round) Roast. Our roasts area available in 2lb to 5lb size.

1 Package of Hamburg Patties - 8oz Thin (will contact if not available for substitution or later delivery)

4lb of Pork Should Roast or Plain Pork Ham

1.5 to 1.8 lb Sirloin Steak

2 Packages of Sausage

*You may substitute up to 2 products in this package. All substitutions must be done in person or by telephone.

Grocery Pack of Meats

  • Pick up available at Williamson Farms Country Store (14 King St. W, Forest, ON) or

    Williamson Farms – Farm Store (7739 Lakeshore Rd., Lambton Shores, ON) Please call to confirm hours.

    Delivery available to Lambton Shores.

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